Photography was my secret passion from childhood. I try to catch world around me as I see it, using my heart, my eyes, all the senses...  I'm using 35mm film camera and mostly shooting in black & white. I'm self-taught photographer in love with shadows, abstract, silhouette, shapes, minimalism and people emotions. I'm fascinated by catching emotions of people I know and later show them the way I see them everyday. My camera is a mirror. 

In addition to photography, I'm also a passionate printmaker, paper cutter, illustrator and... certified yoga instructor - which is result of my love toward movement and flow. I am ex-ballet dancer and contemporary theatre dancer with extreme sensitivity for music and the sounds that surround me. This allowed me to spend time working in the music industry, helping to organise concerts and co-ordinating with artists. In spare time I like to "play" with words by writing poetry or my daily thoughts, as I call it. Travel and discovery of new cultures and people is another passion strongly tune into my life.

M camera

All photos published on this website are taking using a 35mm film camera or disposable single use camera. Currently I'm using a Contax 139 Quartz with my favourite Carl Zeiss lenses: Distagon 2,8/28 ;  Planar 1,4/50 and sporadically Sonnar 2.8/85 and from time-to-time also I like to experiment with an Ilford XP2 Disposable Camera. The films I use the most are Ilford XP2 400; Ilford FP 125 and sometimes Ilford HP5 400. Recently I discovered a passion for colour photography using my favourite Kodak Portra 400 and ocasionally Fuji Superia. I also love to use expired, old colour films, which give an unknown final colour effect and grain. 



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